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GOING FOR THE TOUR, I MADE A LIST OF THINGS YOU MUST DO ON CAMOTES ISLANDS 1. CLIFF DIVING IN BUHO ROCK RESORT Buho Rock Resort is my first destination of the tour and my first time to jump off a cliff! I guess it’s a good way to wake up my sleepyheads that morning. You can jump off a cliff as high as 40ft! Too bad I only jumped off from 20ft because it was low tide during that day (dang it!) but it was still awesome! Oh yea, did I mention? unlimited cliff diving for only P20.00! 2. LUNCH AT SAN FRANCISCO BAYWALK/AGORA After cliff diving I went for an early lunch in San Francisco Baywalk. A line of barbeque stalls are located across the baywalk. You can eat the barbeques with “puso” (hanging rice), famous Cebuano rice that is cooked inside a woven coconut leaves. A meal could cost you around P40.00-P60.00. On the other side of the baywalk is a wet and dry market where you could buy some fresh seafood and island souvenirs. 3. SWIMMING IN TIMUBO CAVE A stunning subterranean secret in the town of Sonog, where you need to make your way down to reach the clear waters within.Look how clear the water is, it makes the rocks turn blue. This is one of my favorite destinations because it was my first time to swim inside a cave and it was a perfect timing that we had the cave all to ourselves. The cold water feels so refreshing and it is by far the clearest water I have ever seen. I suggest you to wear some flip-flops to prevent your feet getting hurt from the rocks. Note: The depth of the water is 6ft when high tide and 5ft when low tide. 4. THE PARADISO CAVE There is also a subterranean cave in Camotes where you could also swim called the Paraiso Cave. It is similar to the Timubo cave but it is much smaller. Some parts of the cave were reconstructed and look like more man-made than the natural Timubo cave. 5. BEACH BUMMING AT THE BORROMEO BEACH The most peaceful and relaxing beach that I have ever been..yet! With just the sound of the beach waves, the palm trees swaying in the wind and gorgeous white sand makes this beach feel like I’m in paradise. 6. EXPLORE HOLY CRYSTAL CAVE Another stunning subterranean secret located in Brgy. Union of San Francisco. The cave was discovered by Mr. Avito Formantera who is also the caretaker and the tour guide of the cave. You will be taken to 8 levels of the cave and see surprising rock formations of the stalactites and stalagmites. The most exciting part is reaching the end of the cave to see the crystals look as white as snow! 7. KAYAK IN THE 700-HECTARE LAKE DANAO Lake Danao is the largest lake in the Visayan region and if you look at the map, it forms a figure of eight! I went to Danao Lake to rest and have some snack after the tiring trek from the Holy Crystal Cave. But it didn’t stop me when I saw that they offer kayak for only P50.00! The calm water was just right to do kayaking. Other activities are offered in Lake Danao such as fishing, horseback riding, picnic, etc. 8. LONG BEACH WALK AT SANTIAGO BAY Santiago bay is a public beach in Camotes but I still kind of had the beach to myselve, well it’s way too peaceful for a public beach! This beach has sugary pristine white sand and a long shoreline especially during low tides. A line of carinderias (food stalls) are located meters away from the shore. A single order can cost you around P100-150, might sound a little bit pricey for a single meal but the food is good enough for 2-3 persons.
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